Champagne Sabre - Blue Hilt



Champagne Sabre with wooden stand.

Claude Dozorme, Master Cutler, France.

Wood inlay hilt and red tassel.

Made in France by Claude Dozorme, Master cutler since 1902.

Under the French Napoleonic Empire, it was in fashion to slash open the neck of a bottle of Champagne with your saber to celebrate a victory on the battle field. It became a tradition in France which soon spread around the world. 

Claude Dozorme has recreated a precious sabre with a gold plated guard, a 30cm non cutting blade (as required to slash the bottles). This sabre is available with a wood-inlay hilt & yellow tassel (available here) or as illustrated with a blue hilt & Blue tassel .

To open your next Champagne bottle in style, re create the gesture of the triumphant cavaliers of the Empire!