CAVIAR GIAVERI - Osietra (various sizes)


The traditional Russian method "malossol" that Caviar Giaveri uses in producing its produce can really exalt this caviar, extremely tasty that needs only a light salting to be appreciated by the most demanding connoisseur. This highly refined Osietra is carefully selected and is a delight for the senses - perfectly identical crisp grains, with an intense golden brown colour and lasting taste of refined delight.

Siberian sturgeon caviar (Acipenser Baerii).

30g tin, unpasterurised and vacuum sealed at manufacturing.

Mother-of pearl caviar spoons and plates available here.

Other sizes available by special order (50g, 100g, 250g) - email for details


Caviar Giaveri is a name that connoisseurs increasingly consider synonymous with extra fine caviar. The real secret is simple: just as the quality of champagne begins in the vineyard, so the wellbeing of sturgeons determines the quality of caviar.

Differently from most of the caviar on the market, Caviar Giaveri does not put its signature on caviar purchased from anonymous international producers and resold under the company’s brand. It farms and transforms its own caviar entirely in its northern Italian fish farms. Salting is carried out by the traditional Russian Malossol method (small amount of salt); the roe is rigorously selected by hand and packed manually in a controlled environment. This is a meticulous artisan process, a ritual that is perpetuated to maintain high standards of excellence over time.

*Caviar is a perishable product. We advise you to organise delivery to your workplace, or make sure someone is home to receive the delivery. All deliveries are made through Australia Post Express post in thermolined eskies with ice packs.*