Bottarga - Smoked


This is a fantastic, locally made product (in Queensland) weighing approximately 100g.

Bottarga is Italian for “sun-dried mullet roe”. This highly recognised delicacy most likely originated from Greece 2000 -3000 years ago and is widely used not only in Mediterranean cuisines, especially Italian, but also in Japan.It is called Avgotaharos in Greece, Karasumi in Japan and Boutargue or Poutargue in France.

Bottarga has a 1 year shelf life, if kept refrigerated, and naturally varies in size, shape and color.

An indicative quantity per serving is 6-8 thin slices or 2 tablespoons of grated Bottarga (equal to about 5-8 grams). Some recipes can require more.

One of the finest producers in the world is located in Brisbane, which gives Australia a unique opportunity to discover Bottarga at its best and at reasonable local prices.

All our Bottarga products, natural or smoked are sold in vacuum sealed packages.