Jamesse Prestige Synergie Mouth Blown Glasses (Box of 6)



The Synergie concept explained by Philippe Jamesse, Sommelier of Domaine Les Crayères (Reims)

I used my experience of observation to think an elegant line made up of containers more slender than wine glasses and wider than flutes. The glasses Jamesse Prestige are mainly intended for the service of Champagne, they specify, weight and frame the physics linked to the effervescence. 

Apart from the unavoidable Grand Champagne glass, icon of the range, I have been working for several years with Grand Blanc and Grand Rouge glasses for the gastronomic experience around Champagne. Their natural and singular amplitude offers a very interesting aromatic development, their spherical shape guides the evolution of fluids without forcing them and it favors the natural behavior of effervescence. The Synergie glass is a real achievement in the desire to capture in an integral way the complexity of all that defines Champagne! Its low level of service promotes a rise of bubbles finely charged with carbon dioxide, the burst is then fine and more precise. Its spherical and proportionate shape makes it possible to match the major players linked to the aromatic expression (Dissolved CO² and the invisible CO²) for an ideal restitution. Champagne has a variety of profiles and an infinite range of tastes, colours and ageing. Jamesse Prestige glasses help conserve and reveal all the different nuances and energy contained in Champagne wines. 

Mouth blowing techniques from some of the finest artisans in France ensure that these glasses are incredibly fine, light and elegant to drink from.

The art of mouth blowing glass goes back 2000 years ago, it requires great discipline, patience and a unique know-how. This technique involves high manufacturing abilities and great precision particularly when assembling the foot and the stem.

In collaboration with Master Glassmakers, Lehmann Glass wanted to create contemporary & original collections manufactured in collaboration with the purest traditions.

Mouth-blown techniques ensures an optimum quality of the glass and allows for freedom in the creation of shapes. This technique results in very light glass, a transparent and reflection-free bowl and incomparable rim thinness.

The quality of mouth-blown glass makes each wine tasting unique and particular!

Capacity: 75 cl - 25 oz

Height: 250 mm

Diameter: 115 mm

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Price is for a box of 6 glasses, please select the number of boxes you wish to order.